A discussion on the reasons and motives for marriage

Couples’ Reasons for Cohabitation: Associations with Individual Well-Being and Relationship Quality

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Why Marriages Fail

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Reasons for Marriage

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Foolish Reasons for Getting Married

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It is not trained, it does not have human culture, it is not a teacher to humankind in any way. Feb 01,  · The study of reasons people give for marrying provides a useful framework transitions into cohabitation. Surra and Hughes () made a distinction between relationship-driven reasons for marriage (e.g., wanting to spend life together) versus event-driven reasons (e.g., pregnancy).

In their work, event-driven reasons. Jan 04,  · Strategies for a wife that wants to end marriage but won't file Discussion in 'Married Couples God knows our hearts and motives.

She needs to remember that. if there are children in this marriage, etc To see if maybe the reason she isn't filing first has to do with the division of proceeds from the marriage in some way. I agree. Humanae Vitae: Grave Motives to Use a Good Translation Excellent article which examines Humanae Vitae on the question of the reasons couples may abstain from intercourse for the purpose of.

Motives and methods

Pride and Prejudice portrays the entire range of motives and reasons that distinguish the best marriages from mediocre matches. First, many choose marriage for its social benefits and image of respectability.

3. Marriage is a sacred institution and gay marriage violates that sanctity. This is, of course, related to the motive above. But it is really subtly different.

Love Marriages Vs Arranged Marriages

It's based on the assumption that the state has the responsibility to "sanctify" marriages - a. The same-sex marriage debate, like all public debates, is messy. However, more than most, it has become a proxy for something else.

It has become a culture war, ugly and unproductive.

A discussion on the reasons and motives for marriage
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