Factory farming for the future

Factory Farms of the Future: Part II

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Snail Farming

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Dec 09,  · "I do not think factory farming is going away," says food industry writer Marion Nestle.

Factory Farms

"Our vast factory farms are the future," writes speechwriter Matthew Scully. Biodiversity loss Factory farming endangers the natural world, threatening the survival of many animals and plants.

We rely on the health of ecosystems for our general wellbeing - they provide our food, our water, even our air turkiyeninradyotelevizyonu.coma group of scientists stated that the services provided by our ecosystems, if properly valued, would be worth around.

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In a healthy farm system, agriculture works in harmony with the natural environment. This begins with healthy soil that stores water and nutrients and provides a stable base to support plant roots. Dec 17,  · Factory Farms of the Future: Part II.

An Accidental Journey into the Secret World of Farming and the Truth About Our Food. by Sonia Faruqi. Factory Farms of the Future: Part II. In a 90,square-foot warehouse not far from Chicago’s Midway Airport, the future of urban farming has taken root.

Long shelves thick with fresh herbs and salad greens sit beneath hundreds of. IF THE future of farming is to be more factory-like, some might argue that the treatment of stock animals such as chickens and pigs has led the way. Those are not, though, happy precedents.

Factory farming for the future
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