Senator stephen douglas attempts at securing a bid for the presidency

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Illinois Senator Stephen A. Douglas (also referred to by Lincoln as Judge Douglas) wanted to ensure a northern transcontinental railroad route through the state. But he first had to get Congressional approval to organize the territory of Nebraska.

InSenator Stephen Douglas of Illinois saw an opportunity to run for the presidency, and he wanted the support of southern Democrats. The Democratic Party was particularly in favor of states. Web site of WLDX AMFayette, Alabama. During this time Lincoln ran against Stephen Douglas for a Senate seat.

While Lincoln did not win the seat, he did engage Douglas in their famous series of debates which helped to crystallize the Republicans as the anti-slavery party.

When the Ohio off-year campaign of approached, Garfield turned his attention to securing the U. S. Senate seat for Ohio, vacated by John Sherman. The first step was to bring about a Republican victory in the Ohio legislature, which would choose the Senator.

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