The laws on domestic violence and its needs for improvements

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What’s Wrong with the Violence Against Women Act?

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Theresa May: I want to transform how we think about domestic violence

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History of VAWA

Laws. Victims of domestic violence are offered legal remedies that are both civil and criminal in nature. Criminal law remedies include the criminal prosecution of the offender, and possible restraints on the offender's behavior during periods of pretrial release or as part of a criminal sentence.

The prevention of domestic violence is not just a question for law. While protection orders are important, effective prevention and reduction of domestic violence will come about through more.

A new law to increase prosecutions for domestic violence and eradicate a postcode lottery in the way victims are dealt with by police forces will be brought forward by Theresa May. Below are links to a variety of sample national domestic violence laws.

Violence Against Women Act Is About To Expire

Some of these resources are regional or global surveys of national laws. Others are examples of laws that have been enacted in particular jurisdictions. Domestic violence laws in the United States cover a wide range of offenses including, emotional belittlement, rape, stalking, battery, and assault.

Including in domestic violence laws, are also those regulations regarding family abuse and child abuse. need to tackle domestic violence, protect victims and bring offenders to justice. Two leading initiatives we have introduced nationally from 8 March this year significantly improve the powers the police have to end domestic abuse.

The laws on domestic violence and its needs for improvements
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