The main characteristics of puches in boxing

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Basic Boxing Punches

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A Boxing Slip – Avoid Punches with the Lay Back!

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16 Basic Boxing Tips

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Are You Doing The Right Workout?

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Congratulations on learning the basic punches in boxing. Hopefully, this isn’t the only article you’re reading. I highly recommend for you to check out my guide on basic boxing stance and also the mental checklist for first-time sparring.

Bolo punch: Occasionally seen in Olympic boxing, the bolo is an arm punch which owes its power to the shortening of a circular arc rather than to transference of body weight; it tends to have more of an effect due to the surprise of the odd angle it lands at rather than the actual power of the punch.

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Boxing styles and technique

From technique to tenacity, these are the most important characteristics of any great fighter. THE JAB. Physically and mentally you have to possess or develop not just some, but all of the attributes of a fighter.

Boxing Punches - Boxing punches includes jabs, hooks, uppercuts and crosses and are highly effective in combinations. Learn more about some of the types of boxing punches. Boxing is the current golden child of boutique fitness, but as more studios open and workout buffs used to spinning and running sign up to throw punches, they’re not necessarily learning how to.

The main characteristics of puches in boxing
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