Write an equation for the linear function f satisfying the given conditions

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Writing Linear Equations

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Often in mathematics it is useful to be able to write the equation of a line, given its slope is called the point-slope form for the equation of a line, and all points lying on the line [including (x 1, y 1 Write the equation of the line L satisfying the given geometric conditions.

L has slope 4 and y intercept (0, 2). Write an equation for the linear function f satisfying the given conditions. f(3) = 4 and f(0) = 9 I know that these would be looked at as (3,4) and (0,9), but I don't know what type of "equation" they're looking for.

In sectionwe will look at another way to express the equation of a linear function.

Find a Quadratic Function Satisfying Conditions on Derivatives

Example 1: Given a line with slope -4 and passes through point P(2, -2), find the equation of the line using the definition of slope. Jun 14,  · This video introduces how function values in function notation gives points on the graph which can be used to determine the equation of the linear function.

Question: F(3)=4 and f(0)=9 Write an equation for the linear function f satisfying the given conditions. f(3)=4 and f(0)=9 Write an equation for the linear function f satisfying the given conditions.

Best answer. Get an answer for 'For a linear function f, f(-1)=3 and f(2)=4 find an equation for fplease answer soon, I need help badly' and find homework help for other Math questions at eNotes.

Write an equation for the linear function f satisfying the given conditions
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